PHP Agent

The PHP agent, which analyses PHP application performance and behavior, is an extension of PHP interpreter that is supported on the Apache HTTP Server, PHP-FPM or IIS.

See PHP Agent configuration to learn how to configure the Agent.


PHP Agent uses the following sensors:

Category Sensor Classic Agent
all versions
AppMon Agent
all versions
Database PHP MySQL Yes Yes
PHP Oracle Yes Yes
PHP PostgreSQL Yes Yes
Exceptions PHP Exceptions Yes Yes
Logging PHP Logging Yes Yes
Network PHP Web Requests Yes Yes
PHP PHP General Yes Yes
PHP Server Yes Yes
Test Automation PHP Unit Yes No
Server PHP Server Yes Yes

Agent Platforms

This Agent is available in both agent platforms. Please check the release status of the Agent before switching over as some Agents have BETA status in AppMon 2017 May .

It is required to switch over from Classic Agent to get the following support:

  • PHP 7

It is recommended to switch over from Classic Agent for the following scenarios:

  • To improve Collector scalability
  • To resolve Collector connectivity problems


Feature Classic Agent
all versions
AppMon Agent
AppMon 2017 May
AppMon Agent
AppMon 2018 April
AppMon 2018 October
PHP 7 supported No Yes1 Yes1
Marking arbitrary methods as external calls Yes No Yes

1 Linux only.