Agent Platform Overview

Major differences

  • The AppMon Classic Agents are the origin technology specific agents available in AppMon.
  • The OneAgent for AppMon is based on a new architecture shared with the Dynatrace Agents.
  • The Dynatrace OneAgent is a single, fullstack Agent which installed once per host, and then automatically discovers all subsystems (processes, containers, processes within containers, network, databases) running on it and automatically instruments them. Read more about Dynatrace Oneagent
  • The Dynatrace OneAgent for PaaS is used in environments with limited access on the host-level such as containerized or Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) environments. Read more about Dynatrace PaaS integrations

OneAgent for AppMon

Upgrade benefits from Classic Agent

  • End-to-end encryption using https
  • Code-instrumentation on the Agent
    • Faster agent startup time
    • Less collectors required
    • Less/no pressure on collectors
  • Easy traffic tunneling using https based protocol
  • No webserver master agent required
  • Support for new platforms, technology & features which are not available with the Classic Agents.

Compare agent availability with classic agent

Agent OneAgent Status Windows Linux x64 Linux PPC LE Linux PPC BE Linux Musl AIX PPC Solaris x86/x64 Solaris SPARC z/Linux s390
Node.js GA
      Apache GA
      NGINX GA
      IIS BETA
      PHP 5.x BETA
      PHP 7 BETA
      .NET Framework BETA
      .NET Core BETA


Classic Agent/OneAgent
not available in current or future releases
not available now, available in future releases

Agent Status

GA - Generally Available

The Agent is complete. Keep in mind that the Features/Sensors known from Classic Agent can (must not though) behave different.


Be aware that:

  • Not all features/sensors available in Classic Agent are already available in the OneAgent for AppMon
  • Features/Sensors known from Classic Agent can behave differently
  • Some features may be still in development


To use OneAgent in AppMon 2017 May, install Classic Agents first then roll them out to the OneAgent. No additional configuration needed. Before you switch to OneAgent, double check your major requirements with the available feature set.

BETA Agents are publicly available in the same release as GA agents and supported by Dynatrace technical support team.