.NET Web Request sensor

The .NET Web Requests Sensor traces HTTP requests, including redirects, to see the lifecycle of a request from its initial client call to the server and further across thread and process boundaries.

The sensor tags the request with an additional HTTP header X-dynatrace. The header is processed for each tier that has an active agent and is passed by the request during its lifetime, which creates negligible overhead.

The .NET Web Requests Sensor captures the URI, query strings, response code, and HTTP method type. For example POST or GET.

Sensor Configuration

To edit the System Profile specific settings, open the System Profile Preferences dialog box and select Agent Group/tier with .NET technology > Sensor Configuration and then select the .NET Web Requests item in the Sensor Configuration list.

AppMon truncates captured web requests to the specified length. Specify the required length in the edit box. All exceeding characters are cut.

URI filter

You can also filter captured queries by URI. There are two possible scenarios:

  • Capture listed URIs only.
  • Capture all URIs, except for the listed ones.

Select the appropriate option button and list URIs to be included/excluded from the capture.

Depending of the size of the configured rules list, the impact of the sensor on Agent overhead may increase.