Tibco Messaging sensor


In AppMon 2017 May the AppMon Agent does not support this sensor.

The Tibco Messaging Sensor applies to Tibco Rendezvous and Tibco Business Works Service Engine. The Tibco Sensor captures data from message objects (typically using reflection calls) to provide the following information about the message:

  • Destination.
  • Transmission type: Whether the message was sent or received.
  • Optionally, message contents

The sensor causes low overhead impact.


Tibco Randezvous

The sensor transfers the trace tag of the execution path that sends the Tibco message to its child execution path(s) that process the message.

Tibco Business Works service engine

The sensor transfers the trace tag of the execution path that schedules a Tibco job to its job dispatcher.

Sensor configuration

To edit the System Profile specific settings, open the System Profile Preferences dialog box and select Agent Group/tier > Sensor Configuration and then select the Tibco Messaging item in the Sensor Configuration list.

Here you can enable or disable capturing of the messages content. Note that capturing message content can cause much overhead impact, especially for large messages.

Network overhead

Captured message content transfers from the Agent to the Collector and the AppMon Server.
Keep network traffic overhead in mind, especially in production environments.