Thread Start Tagging sensor

The Thread Start Tagging Sensor continues tracing when a new thread is created by the Thread.start() method.


A thread that is set to run as a daemon thread is not instrumented by this Sensor, because it is expected to be a long-running background thread that is not intended to be part of the PurePath.

If a daemon thread starts another thread, the newly started thread inherits the daemon state. By default, these threads are not tagged. To use thread tagging, manually disable the daemon state of the newly started thread with thread.setDaemon(false).

The Thread Start Tagging Sensor is also responsible for Oracle Service Bus Tagging.

The Thread Start Tagging Sensor adds the TraceTag to a local field of the Runnable object that is used to start the thread. A concurrency problem occurs if the same Runnable object is started twice concurrently.

Sensor configuration

The sensor doesn't have any user configurable properties.