MQSeries Receive Entry Point sensor


In AppMon 2017 May the AppMon Agent does not support this sensor.

For extended functionality beyond the WebSphere MQ (MQSeries) Sensor the MQSeries Receive Entry Point Sensor specifies methods that process the message that has been received by a get(...) call. The Sensor identifies the methods that are responsible for processing MQ messages after they have been read by get(...) or get(...). It is not possible to automatically recognize the methods responsible for message processing, so these methods have to be specified.

The MQ API offers the get(...) calls to receive messages and passes the message using the message object specified in these calls. For this API, there is no wrapping method that does (or at least triggers) all the things that happen on arrival of a message. The message could be processed in the method that has called receive, but this calling method again may also return the message, so it is hard to determine where the actual processing of the message happens. The MQSeries Receive Entry Point Sensor provides that information.

Sensor configuration

The sensor doesn't have any user configurable properties.