MongoDB sensor


In AppMon 2017 May the AppMon Agent does not support this sensor.


In AppMon 2018 April and later the sensor of the AppMon Agent is not compatible with the sensor of the Classic Agent. Data in the Database dashlet will look different and Business Transactions, based on measures from the sensor, will require additional configuration.

The MongoDB Sensor captures information about MongoDB calls. See MongoDB for more information about usage of captured data.

Sensor configuration

To edit the System Profile specific settings, open the System Profile Preferences dialog box and select Agent Group/tier > Sensor Configuration and then select the MongoDB item in the Sensor Configuration list.

  • Enable extended capturing: Enables capturing of detailed information about JSON query strings or document IDs.
  • Capture only document id(s): Capture document IDs where available.
  • Capture full JSON objects(s) (queries and documents): Capture all JSON objects as serialized strings.
  • Maximum string length: Limits the maximum length of the captured JSON strings. Exceeding symbols are cut.

In either case, you can view the details of a node in the Details popup windows of the PurePaths and Database dashlets. To display the details in the Database dashlet, you have to enable bind values grouping in the appropriate Sensor. The captured data may also be called Bind Values.