JMS sensor


In AppMon 2017 May the AppMon Agent does not support this sensor.

The JMS Sensor captures message object as a parameter and also captures the data from there. It provides the following information about the message:

Captured Data Overhead Description
Destination name low
Transmission type (sent or received) low
Message type. For example, TextMessage, ByteMessage. low
Message size (only available for TextMessage and ByteMessage ) low
Message contents high Network overhead for large messages

See JMS Receive Entry Point Sensor for more on data that can be gained beyond the placement of the JMS Sensor.


The sensor transfers the trace tag of the execution path that sends the JMS message to its child execution paths that process this message.

Sensor configuration

To edit the System Profile specific settings, open the System Profile Preferences dialog box and select Agent Group/tier with Java technology > Sensor Configuration and then select the JMS item in the Sensor Configuration list.

Here you can enable or disable capturing of the messages content. Note that capturing message content can cause much overhead impact, especially for large messages.

Network overhead

Captured message content transfers from the Agent to the Collector and the AppMon Server.
Keep network traffic overhead in mind, especially in production environments.