Java Web Service sensor


In AppMon 2017 May the AppMon Agent does not support this sensor.

The Java Web Service Sensor traces relevant information that is transferred when web services are called. The following table lists the services from which it captures data, and the information it provides about web service calls depending on the side of the call.

Captured Data (Client/Server) Capture place Overhead
Endpoint/Class Method entry low
Namespace/Method Method entry low
Bytes sent/received Method entry and exit low

Asynchronous web services are not supported.

The Dispatch API of JAX-WS is not supported.

Sensor Configuration

To edit the System Profile specific settings, open the System Profile Preferences dialog box and select Agent Group/tier with Java technology > Sensor Configuration and then select the Java Web Services item in the Sensor Configuration list.

Sensor properties

  • Measure Request/Response Sizes Capture the sizes of request and response in bytes. You can use this info in charts or other dashboards. Here you can enable or disable measure of the request/respond sizes.