IIS Agent

The IIS Agent monitors Microsoft Internet Information Services webservers. Depending on which agent platform you use, its architecture and functionality may differ. Find the detailed information below.

See Configure IIS Agent to learn how to configure the Agent.


The IIS consists only of a IIS Agent Server Module that is loaded by the web server. It collects data of all worker processes. It gathers the information that is used for analysis on the AppMon Server. The AppMon Agent is responsible for handling communication with the Collector. Find more information about AppMon Agent platform here.

AppMon 2017 May
AppMon 2018 April To use AppMon Agent you need to install Classic Agents first, and then switch the platform.

AppMon 2018 October The AppMon Agent is the default for newly created System Profiles and manual switch is not required. If you migrated your System Profiles from previous version, you still need to switch the platform manually.


Sensor Classic Agent AppMon Agent
Webserver sensor Yes Yes
User Experience sensor Yes Yes