Host Monitoring Agent

The Host Monitoring Agent monitors the state of a host machine. For AppMon 6.5 and later, it can also monitor availability of any process running on the host. For further information on process availability monitoring see information on configuration of hosts/host groups on the Infrastructure page.

However, in most cases you don't need this Agent, as almost any active Agent delivers those metrics. The exceptions are:

With many Agents on one machine, you may want to switch off delivery of host monitoring data from non-Host-Agents to reduce traffic from Agent to Collector. Contact support to develop the best strategy.

Installation and configuration

Full install package

The Windows full install package installs the Host Agent, but its service is not registered, keeping the Agent inactive, due to the potential redundant Host Agent role, mentioned previously. You can register the Host Agent with "<DT_HOME>\agent\lib\dthostagent" -service install command. Copy and paste this example to register the 32-bit Host Agent service from a 64-bit AppMon full installation:

"C:\Program Files\Dynatrace\Dynatrace 7.2\agent\lib\dthostagent" -service install

To unregister the Agent service, use this command:

sc delete "dynaTrace Host Agent7.2".

Agent-only installer

If you're using the Agent-only installer, you should select the Custom installation option during the process, and manually select the Host Agent for installation. This lets the Agent auto-start, which is useful for monitoring the machine with no other Agent running on it.

Agent bulk installation

To monitor a large number hosts, you can automate the Host Agent deployment.

Perform a custom installation with the full or Agent-only .msi, or use dthostagent.exe, dtagentcore.dll, and dthostagent.ini in the directory structure.

If you use the installer with msiexec /passive /i <path>\<dynaTraceInstallerFileName>.msi ADDLOCAL="HostAgent", then Host Agent registers as an auto-starting service with the default settings from dthostagent.ini. You can rewrite dthostagent.ini and un/register the service with the new arguments.

If you just use the .exe and .dll, you can write your own dthostagent.ini and register the service to auto-start with <DT_HOME>\agent\dthostagent.exe -service install.