Apache Modules sensor

The Apache Modules sensor collects timings from user-defined Apache modules. You can choose which modules to instrument, and which to exclude.

Sensor configuration

To edit the System Profile specific settings, open the System Profile Preferences dialog box and select Agent Group/tier > Sensor Configuration and then select the Apache Modules item in the Sensor Configuration list.

Here you can define, which modules should always be instrumented. Specify their names in the top list.
To simplify the view of the captured info, enable aggregation, by selecting Aggregate Apache modules check box. In this case, all modules processed in under 100 microseconds are aggregated to a single method node.

You can enable automatic instrumentation of all detected Apache modules, by selecting the appropriate check box. Up to 50 modules can be instrumented. If you want to exclude some particular modules, specify them in the list below. These modules are never captured.