Agent Platform

AppMon provides the ability to choose between 2 different agent platforms: the Classic Agent, which is the default agent platform and the new AppMon Agent.

AppMon Agent benefits

  • End-to-end encryption using https
  • Code-instrumentation on the Agent
    • Faster agent startup time
    • Less collectors required
    • Almost zero pressure on collectors
  • Easy traffic tunneling using https based protocol
  • Better Configuration Management
    • No webserver master agent required
  • Support for new platforms, technology & features which are not available with the Classic Agents.

Compare AppMon Agent availability with Classic Agent

Agent Status

GA - Generally Available

  • Keep in mind that the Features/Sensors known from Classic Agent can (must not though) behave different.


  • Agent is ready for testing in production (stable).
  • Some Features/Sensors of the agent are still in development. Please check upfront if the available featureset fits your needs.
  • Technical support provides limited support for the BETA agents.