Application monitoring

This page provides descriptions and usage instructions for the important AppMon concepts and features required to proactively and automatically analyze performance, failure rate, and infrastructure health information for all of your applications and critical business applications, including:

Smart Business Transactions

AppMon extends its Business Transaction capabilities through Smart Splitting.

AppMon is able to identify those business transactions that are critical to your end users and business by looking at which transaction patterns are called frequently. Combined with Smart Baselining as shown in the following image, this makes it easy to identify the problematic and business-critical business transactions of each application.

Business Transactions
Business Transactions

Smart baselining and alerting

AppMon delivers a baselining approach that automatically detects anomalies and issues alerts reliably.

Typical baselining approaches rely on averages and standard deviations (implicitly assuming standard distributions where there are none) for alerting. Often this results in false alerts.

AppMon uses multiple advanced statistical models that are specific to different types of measurements. For example, application failure rate or throughput is distributed differently than the response time.

Even in highly dynamic environments, these models result in 90% fewer alerts while still detecting significant anomalies in less than a minute. Smart Baselining reduces alert spamming and manual tuning of alerting rules.

The following image illustrates AppMon analysis derived from Smart Baselining. A message explains the reason for the alert: Observed response time of 320 ms is higher than expected. During the last 7 days, the average response time was less than 105 ms.

Example Alert
Example Alert

See Baseline and Smart Alerting Explained for more information.

Integrating host and system health monitoring

AppMon integrates system monitoring with transactional PurePath-based information, delivering a solution that automatically detects and maps contributing infrastructure components in real time for every user request. This integrated approach allows AppMon to correlate system-level problems with business transactions, and ultimately with the users that are affected. Use this correlation to immediately pinpoint transactional problems to a specific host or process-level problem, and to see the immediate impact of a host problem on your business-critical functions and end users.

Application Monitoring helps you focus on the right things first when things go wrong.

Integrated Monitoring
Integrated Monitoring