Permissions mapping

To view and manage permissions of a user role, click Settings > Dynatrace Server > Users > Roles in the AppMon Client. Select the required role to view the list of its permissions below. To edit permissions list, click Edit under permission list.

Consider the severity of risk when granting permissions. Permissions for analyzing data and making changes, such as Create Dashboard, are considered low risk. Permissions that affect system performance or make changes at the Server level, such as Agent Hot Sensor Placement are high risk. In the AppMon Client following color code is used:

High High risk
Medium Medium risk
Low Low risk

The AppMon Client uses the following icons for usage encoding:

Server Management Permission applies to Server Management.
System Profile Permission applies to System Profile.
Server Management and System Profile Permission applies to Server Management and System Profile.
Custom Permission applies to Plugins (Custom).

Available permissions

This section lists all permissions, available in AppMon.

Permissions reference tables

This section lists which permissions the built-in user roles have.

See User Permissions and Authentication > Roles for more information.