Rename a System Profile

To rename a System Profile:

  • AppMon 2017 May Right-click the System Profile in the Cockpit, and select Rename System Profile from the context menu.
  • AppMon 2018 April and later In the session selector, click Manage System Profiles, then right-click System Profile, and select Rename from the context menu.

Use caution when you rename a System Profile because the name of the System Profile is used across the whole system. For example, dashboards refer to the System Profile name or tasks that reference the System Profile internally. Dashboards stored on the AppMon Server are updated automatically, and result in reload operations on AppMon Clients that have these dashboards opened. Offline dashboards (not stored on the AppMon Server) that refer to a renamed System Profile are invalidated by a rename operation and require a manual update of the dashboard's source or comparison source.