Enable or disable a System Profile

You can enable or disable System Profiles from the context menu of a System Profile in the Cockpits tab.

  • Disabled System Profiles are still viewable and editable, but you can't use them for mapping Agents.
  • Agents that are already mapped to a System Profile are not affected if the System Profile is disabled.

If an Agent cannot be mapped to any System Profile, it is connected but not instrumented. No more System Profiles can be enabled if there is no license applied or the enabled System Profile limit is reached.

Enable or disable a System Profile.

Enable or disable a System Profile.
Enable or disable a System Profile.

Disable a System Profile

Multiple System Profiles with similar Agent Mappings are confusing. In big deployment scenarios, pick meaningful names for all Agents and map them into clearly defined Agent Groups. You cannot do this if you copy or import a System Profile.

You can disable System Profiles to find configuration problems easier. Disabling skips the System Profile Agent Mapping evaluation for all incoming Agents. Additionally, any Scheduled Tasks or Monitors are not executed until the System Profile is activated again.