Resource summary configuration

The JavaScript Agent detects resources associated with each web page. You can analyze the slowest resources for each captured domain. The User Action PurePath reports the results as shown:

The more resources captured, the more data being communicated from the JavaScript Agent to the server. Be careful as to exactly how much data is captured. Focus on the slowest resources. The Advanced Configuration for Captured Resources dialog box lets you control exactly how much data to capture.


Setting Description
Enable details for slowest resources. The User Action PurePath node can report each of the resources that were slow as a node under the domain itself. Select this check box to enable of individual resource reporting. Enabling this check box lists individual resources rather than just providing a summary total in parenthesis.
Limit number of captured resources to: Use this option to control how many resources per domain are shown. In the previous example, AppMon has detected six domains from However this setting is set to four, so only the four slowest resources are reported under (six resources).
Include resources loading slower than: As a further filter, only resources that took longer than this value to load are reported in the list.
Only send third party summary information for slowest domains. Enable this option to only capture summary information for the slowest domains. Without this setting selected, all domains are reported.
Limit number of captured domains to: The number of slowest domains that are to be captured.