System Profile - Tasks

The Tasks item of the System Profile Preferences dialog box allows you to manage Tasks that exist in the System Profile. This includes active and disabled Tasks.

System Profile - Tasks
System Profile - Tasks
Operation Description
Run Now Run the selected Task once. Does not schedule the Task for repeated execution if it is stopped.
Resume/Suspend Schedule the selected Task for repeated execution using Schedule assigned to the Task during Task creation, or suspend the task execution.
Stop Stop the execution of the selected Task. If the Task is scheduled for repeated execution, this schedule is removed.
Create Create a new Task based on built-in Tasks and user-defined Plugins. During Task creation, a Task is assigned a Schedule for repeated execution, as well as an optional execution target and Task parameters depending on the Task type. For example, a Memory-Dump Task requires an Agent group specification.
Edit Edit the selected Task.
Delete Delete the selected Task.
Refresh Refresh the list of Tasks. Updates the state of the displayed Tasks.

See Thread Diagnostics and Memory Diagnostics for more information on Memory Dump or Thread Dump Tasks.