System Profile - Schedules

The Schedules item of the System Profile Preferences dialog box allows you to manage schedules for recurring actions, such as tasks, reports, and so on.

System Profile - Schedules
System Profile - Schedules
Operation Description
Create Schedule Create a new schedule.
Edit Edit the selected schedule.
Delete Delete the selected schedule.

Defining a schedule

Schedules must have a unique name within the System Profile. It consists of two entities: Schedule Run and Schedule Exclusion.

Schedule Run: Defines when the scheduled action is performed. A Schedule may consist of any number of separate Schedule Runs, although in most cases there is one Schedule Run definition.

Schedule Exclusion: Defines exceptions from the standard runs, to avoid runs on times that cannot be defined easily in Schedule Run definitions. This is typically used to exclude maintenance times or holidays.

All Schedule Runs and Schedule Exclusions relate to one single time zone that is defined per Schedule. You can use relative time zones, such as the AppMon Server time zone or absolute time zones such as GMT. The minimum interval is 10 seconds.