Add or edit a rule action

Use the Rule Action Editor dialog box to add or edit an existing rule action for incident rules.

Add a rule action

The following pre-defined actions are provided by default:

You can define your own Action plugins to use as rule actions with the Plugin interface and a plugin development SDK. See Developing a User Plugin) for quick and easy development of user-defined action plugins.

Each rule action has a set of properties that defines the action and how it is executed. Each property has one of more preset values that you can change for any rule action being defined. Values are based on the data type of the property.

Data Type Description
boolean Select or clear the check box. Select it for Yes, clear it for No.
list Select the property value from the list box in the Value column.
long Value must be a number. You cannot use commas in the value.
string Value must be a valid string value.

Click Add after setting the rule action property values to add the action to the incident rule's actions list, and add other actions or continue to configure the action for the incident rule.

Edit a rule action

When editing existing actions, the Rule Action Editor displays the property values for the action selected in the Actions tab of the Create Incident Rule dialog box. Edit the property values according to the data type of each property, then click OK to save the values and continue to configure the action for the incident rule.