System Profile - General

Parameter Description
Name A system-wide unique name of the System Profile. The Cockpit displays the name as a separate node. It is also used for storing the System Profile on the AppMon Server as an XML file.
Description Descriptive text of the System Profile. For documentation purposes only.
Capture Events Toggles event capturing for all AppMon Agents of this System Profile.
Performance Warehouse Access Defines if the System Profile has access to the Performance Warehouse. Enabling Performance Warehouse access stores data captured by AppMon Agents.
PureLytics Stream Enables or disables the PureLytics Stream. This feature lets you send real time UEM data from the AppMon Server to an external data source like Elasticsearch so you can you leverage UEM data as part of big data analysis. See PureLytics Stream for more information.
Technology The following technologies are supported by this System Profile:
  • Java: Java Platform (since JDK 1.8)
  • .NET: .NET Platform
  • Browser: Browser Agents
  • Web server: Webserver Agents
  • ADK: native Agent Development Kit
Technologies not supported by the System Profile can't have Sensor Rules.
Configurations Create and edit System Profile configurations. Different configurations have separate Sensor configuration sets inside the same System Profile. To activate and deactivate configurations quickly, toggle between different Sensor configurations within the System Profile. There is always exactly one configuration active inside a System Profile. You can't delete the last System Profile configuration.
See Sensor Configuration for more information.