System Profile - Data Privacy

The Data Privacy item of the System Profile Preferences dialog box allows you to provide data privacy for your customers for each system profile.

System Profile - Data Privacy
System Profile - Data Privacy

This can be done in the following ways:

IP address masking

Data protection laws in some countries require to anonymize IP addresses of your users for data protection reasons. That means you cannot store the complete IP address.

To follow these laws, enable IP address masking. AppMon anonymizes the IP address of your customers as soon, as it technically feasible, at the earliest possible stage of connection. The masking occurs in memory. Full IP addresses are not written to disk. The masking replaces the following part of the IP address with zeros:

  • IPv4 last octet of the monitored IP address.
  • IPv6 last 80 bits of the monitored IP address.

Do not track

Modern browsers support the do not track feature, which is a technology that enables end users to opt out of tracking by websites. Although accepting a user's tracking opt-out setting is not activated by default, you can configure AppMon to accept the opt-out. In such instances, AppMon UEM respects the user's privacy, does not set a cookie, and does not measure that user's performance experience.

User actions masking

Some HTML elements may contain private information, for example a button with user's name as a caption. Also, user may type in personal information, for example while filling in shipping address. By default AppMon captures such things, and they are seen as names of user actions, like click on "Button", or keypress "Key", therefore revealing private information.

Select Enable masking of the user action names to prevent such revealing. When the feature is active it displays HTML element's tag name, instead of the caption. It also suppresses capturing alphanumeric keypress values. This is done at the earliest possible stage of collection, so it is not sent on the monitor signal.