System Profile - Data Privacy

The Data Privacy item of the System Profile Preferences dialog box allows you to provide data privacy for your customers for each system profile.

This can be done in the following ways:

Method Description
IP Address Masking You can provide privacy to your customer's location by selecting this option. Once the IP address is collected by the AppMon Server in memory, it gets masked before being stored. Thus the original full IP address is not saved or displayed anywhere.
Do Not Track support The Do Not Track HTTP header is for users who explicitly wish not to be tracked. This setting prevents page injection page if the header exists.
Automatic User Action Masking Instead, selecting this option displays the HTML element's tag name. This is useful to prevent capturing private information in HTML elements on the page, such as a button with a user's full name as the text. This setting also suppresses capturing alphanumeric keypress values. This is done at the earliest possible stage of collection, so it it not sent on the monitor signal. You can see this setting indicated on the JavaScript Agent's injected dtagent script tag as uam=true appended to the data-dtconfig string.