Edit a System Profile

To edit a System Profile:

  • AppMon 2017 May Right-click the required System Profile in the Cockpit, and select Edit System Profiles from the context menu.
  • AppMon 2018 April and later Hover over the required System Profile in the session selector, and click Edit.

The System Profile Preferences dialog box appears, displaying defined sensor rules, subscribed measures, scheduled tasks or monitors, and more.

All configuration information is stored in the System Profile file on the AppMon Server. Changes in this dialog box are applied to all connected systems (AppMon Collectors and Agents) whenever you click OK or Apply.

System Profile configuration

The System Profile Preferences dialog box provides the following configuration options per System Profile:

  • General: General configuration settings, such as the name and description of the System Profile or supported technologies.
  • Sensors: Sensor rule configuration, including defining sensor groups and creating method and memory rules.
  • APIs: API configuration.
  • Measures: Create and edit measures.
  • Business Transactions: Create and edit Business Transactions based on measures.
  • Schedules: Create and edit schedules (used for tasks and monitors).
  • Tasks: Manage tasks running on different execution targets such as the Collector.
  • Monitors: Manage monitors running on different execution targets such as the Collector.
  • Incidents: Manage incidents based on measures.
  • Error Detection: Configure error detection rules.
  • Test Automation: Configure test automation.
  • Applications: Configure application detection.
  • User Experience: Configure User Experience Management.
  • Data Privacy: Configure data privacy.
  • Integration: Configure how to integrate other products into AppMon.
  • Observed Tiers: Configure data privacy for the System Profile.

Agent Groups

A System Profile may contain any number of Agent Groups.

Each Agent Group provides several configuration sections:

Press Ctrl + F to search and filter Agent Groups. The search is not case sensitive.