Synthetic Monitoring configuration

In the AppMon Client, choose Settings > Dynatrace Server > Synthetic Monitoring to configure the built-in integration with Synthetic Monitoring.

Enabling Synthetic test integration for application monitoring

Use the Synthetic tab to specify the Dynatrace Portal connection details required to view synthetic tests in AppMon Web.

To enable Synthetic Test Integration for Application Performance Monitoring:

  1. In the AppMon Client, select Settings > Dynatrace Server.
  2. Select Synthetic Monitoring.
  3. Select Enable Synthetic Integration and select the appropriate button depending if you are setting Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring credentials. The default data URL for the applicable Synthetic Monitoring portal displays. You can change the URL if needed for a different server.
  4. Enter your Dynatrace Portal login credentials.
  5. Click the Test connection button to validate the Synthetic Monitoring authentication settings.