Subscribed Dashlet Filters configuration

AppMon 2018 October This feature is only available in AppMon 2018 October

The Subscribed Dashlet Filters item of the Dynatrace Server Settings dialog box allows you to manage subscription to dashlet filters.

Server settings - Subscribed dashlet filters

Here you can check parameters of subscription and toggle each subscription on/off.

Dashlet filter subscription

By default, dashlets get data from the analyzer, which prepares a set of data according to dashboard/dashlet filtering parameters for every request. Querying same data multiple times consumes a lot of server resources, leading to long response times to deliver results.

You can decrease the server load by subscribing to certain dashlet configurations. In that case, data is pre-calculated and stored in the analysis cache; and all dashlets with this configuration retrieve the cached data.

A subscription has the following parameters:

  • The type of the dashlet
  • The parameters of the analyzer, excluding drill-down limit and result limit.
  • The criteria of filters applied to the dashlet—on both dashboard and dashlet levels. The following filters are not supported: timeframe, visits, and Business Transactions.

The possible number of subscriptions depends on your deployment size.

Deployment size Subscriptions limit
Demo 10
Small 25
Medium 50
Large 75
xLarge 100
xLarge64 150
xLarge96 200
xLarge128 200
xLarge256 250
Required permission

To set a dashlet filter subscription, you need the Manage cached analysis results permission assigned to the Server Management role.

To set a dashlet filter subscription:

  1. Set all the required filters as needed.
  2. Right-click the dashlet and select Subscribe dashlet filters from the context menu.
  3. In the Name filed, type the name for the new subscription.
  4. The subscription is applied to the dashlet automatically.

All the dashlets, matching the criteria, use the subscription automatically. To force a dashlet to use the standard mode, right-click it and select Ignore subscription filters from the context menu.

Cached data is stored in several-minutes chunks. If available data doesn't match the selected timeframe a warning message appears at the top of the dashlet.

Timeframe mismatch warning

Click it to use the standard mode.