Sizing configuration

Server settings - sizing

The Sizing tab of the Settings item from the Dynatrace Server Settings dialog box lets you view and manage the memory used by the AppMon Server. See the Deployment Guide for more information about accurately sizing your environment.

You can also define directories for logs, reports, and temporary files at the Directory tab, specify which info should be confidential at the Confidential Strings tab, and turn on/off self monitoring at the General tab.

Find the right sizing for your installation

Depending on the available hardware, up to five different deployment sizes are available. Sizes which require more physical cores than available cannot be set, but you can still select them to get the information about hardware requirements and possible setup for the available memory.

After you have found the right sizing for your installation click OK or Apply to apply the current selection.


Applying a new deployment requires an AppMon Server restart. If you decide against an immediate restart, remember to restart the AppMon Server before you connect more collectors or agents.

Available deployment sizes

Supported operating systems

The AppMon Server (backend process / Windows service / *NIX daemon) is only supported on operating systems that support Java 8. Only the included Java Runtime Edition is supported.

  • Windows x64: 10/8.1/8/7 or Server 2008/2012/2016 with latest service pack; installer (.msi) does not need a pre-installed JRE; package contains a private Java Runtime Edition v8.
  • Linux x64: With a recent kernel version 2.6 or higher.
    Installation requires a pre-installed Java Runtime Edition v8.

Hardware requirements

See the Deployment Guide for detailed hardware recommendations specific to your load.

Deployment size1 Physical cores required2 Recommended physical memory3 Also available memory options Recommended disk space
5 agents | 150 transactions/sec
2 2GB 4GB, 8GB 1.5GB + 100GB Session storage/week
10 agents | 300 transactions/sec
4 4GB 8GB, 16GB 3GB + 200GB Session storage/week
250 agents | 1,500 transactions/sec
8 8GB 16GB, 32GB 5GB + 1TB Session storage/week
750 agents | 3,500 transactions/sec
16 16GB 32GB, 64GB 10GB + 2TB Session storage/week
xLarge 32GB
1,600 agents | 5,000 transactions/sec
24 32GB - 20GB + >2TB Session storage/week
xLarge 64GB
1,800 agents | 5,800 transactions/sec
24 64GB - 20GB + >2TB Session storage/week
xLarge 128GB
2,000 agents | 6,500 transactions/sec
24 128GB - 20GB + >2TB Session storage/week
xLarge 256GB
2,000 agents | 7,500 transactions/sec
24 256GB - 20GB + >2TB Session storage/week
2xLarge 64GB
2,000 agents | 6,000 transactions/sec
32 64GB - 20GB + >2TB Session storage/week
2xLarge 128GB
2,000 agents | 6,700 transactions/sec
32 128GB - 20GB + >2TB Session storage/week
2xLarge 256GB
2,000 agents | 8,500 transactions/sec
32 256GB - 20GB + >2TB Session storage/week
3xLarge 128GB
2,000 agents | 7,000 transactions/sec
44 or more 128GB - 20GB + >2TB Session storage/week
3xLarge 256GB
2,000 agents | 9,500 transactions/sec
44 or more 256GB - 20GB + >2TB Session storage/week

1 The maximum agent numbers consider a typical combination of different Agent types such as Java, .NET, host, WebServer, and PHP.
In special circumstances, significantly more agents are supported. These are usually Host Agents. Contact support for guidance and confirmation.
2 No virtual cores (Hyper-Threading), for Medium and higher, a clock speed of 2.6 GHz or higher is required.
3 Required memory for the AppMon Server and operating system. If there are other processes running, then additional heap is required.


To improve performance, AppMon always uses the maximum available CPU and memory resources.
If you have more CPU cores or memory than required for the selected size, then AppMon uses them as well.

VM support

All previously listed deployment sizes may be deployed on a virtual machine. However, you must consider the following:

  • No over-commitment of resources (CPU, memory, network, disk) and no virtual-only resources that are not backed by dedicated physical resources.
  • Large and bigger VM is equivalent to a physical box in all performance metrics. For more details see Virtualization requirements and best practices.
  • xLarge and bigger Database partitioning is mandatory.


For AppMon user authentication:

  • Active Directory
  • openLDAP

Why is the available physical memory less than expected?

32-bit Windows®: Due to 32-bit Windows' memory model characteristics, maximum usable physical memory is 2 GB.

Shared graphics memory: The graphics chip on your host may not have its own dedicated memory, and instead share main system RAM with the CPU and other components. Default values like 256 MB are not unusual. The default size can usually be changed in the BIOS settings.

Warnings and errors

For the currently selected setup is no applicable memory sizing available

This message displays if there is insufficient physical memory available for the selected sizing. If planning to upgrade hardware, remember that the operating system and other processes also need additional memory.

There are only X MB left for the operating system and other processes

To ensure optimal performance it is important to ensure that the AppMon Server is only using physical memory. This warning displays if there's insufficient physical memory available for the operating system and other processes for the selected sizing. Although virtual memory allows using more memory, paging can have a negative impact on performance and reliability, especially in high-load scenarios. Select a different sizing or upgrade your hardware.

This setup needs at least X physical CPU cores. The current system has only Y cores

This warning displays if the total number of CPUs (including virtual cores through Hyperthreading) is smaller than the minimal number of required physical cores for the selected sizing. You cannot set this setting, but you can still select them to get the information about hardware requirements and possible setup for the available memory.

This setup needs at least a CPU clock speed of X MHz. The system runs currently only with Y MHz

This warning displays if the CPU clock speed is less than the minimal required CPU clock speed of the selected sizing. If you select a sizing, although you get this warning the AppMon Server can't handle the maximum number of transactions per second as displayed in the Recommended setup section. Select a sizing with this warning only if you do not expect to reach the displayed transactions per second. Otherwise, select a different sizing or upgrade your hardware.