Sensor packs configuration

The Server Settings Sensor pane displays the available Sensor Packs on the corresponding AppMon Server.

There are two types of Sensor Packs:

  • Knowledge Sensor Packs: Built-in packs, provided by AppMon
    • Viewable but not editable
    • Cannot be deleted
    • Cannot be exported/imported
  • Custom Sensor Packs: Created by end users.
    • Editable (Edit button)
    • Can be deleted (Delete button)
    • Can be exported/imported (Export and Import button)

You can rename both types of Sensor Packs. Set priority in the list by moving an entry up for higher priority, or down for lower priority. Press Restore Order to restore the default order. In addition, you can import Sensor Packs and Knowledge Sensor Packs from this pane.

Server Settings Sensor Pack pane
Server Settings Sensor Pack pane