Sensor packs configuration

The Sensor Packs item of the Dynatrace Server Settings dialog box displays all the Sensor Packs available Sensor on the AppMon Server.

Server Settings Sensor Pack pane
Server Settings Sensor Pack pane

There are two types of Sensor Packs:

  • Knowledge Sensor Packs: Built-in packs, provided by AppMon
    • Viewable but not editable.
      AppMon 2018 April and higher If you need to modify a knowledge sensor pack, you can create custom extensions for it. See the Custom extension for knowledge sensor packs section below for details.
    • Cannot be deleted
    • Cannot be exported/imported
  • Custom Sensor Packs: Created by end users.
    • Editable (Edit button)
    • Can be deleted (Delete button)
    • Can be exported/imported (Export and Import button)

You can rename both types of Sensor Packs. Set priority in the list by moving an entry up for higher priority, or down for lower priority. Press Restore Order to restore the default order. In addition, you can import Sensor Packs and Knowledge Sensor Packs from this pane.

AppMon 2018 April or higher Custom extension for knowledge sensor packs

If you need to modify knowledge sensor packs, you can do it by using custom extensions. When you add a custom extension, it creates a new sensor pack, with the Sensor Extension suffix added to the original name. For example, when you modify .NET Thread Tagging sensor pack, the .NET Thread Tagging Sensor Extension. This sensor pack contains all the original rules, plus the extra ones you've added.

To configure a custom extension, add the required sensor rules at the Custom extensions tab of the Configure Sensor Packs dialog box. Double click the required sensor pack to access the dialog box.

Sensor pack - custom extensions tab
Sensor pack - custom extensions tab

You can create your own sensor rules here or copy existing rules from the Entire Ruleset tab and modify them. You only need to copy those rules you want to modify. The AppMon Server evaluates custom extensions first, you don't have to adjust its priority against the original sensor pack.

See the Sensor Configuration page to learn more about sensor rules.