Language packs

A Language Pack is an AppMon system Plugin that provides a localized user interface for a given language. While installing a language pack does not immediately change the user interface of your AppMon installation, it does enable your AppMon users to select the installed language.

Like other plugins, a language pack is downloaded and installed on your AppMon Server. You can install as many languages packs as you like and switch between them in the AppMon Client by selecting Settings > Dynatrace Server > Plugins. Unlike other plugins, which are available for download from the FastPacks and Plugins page, language packs are available from the AppMon Product Downloads page.

Installing a language pack

Required permissions

To install a language pack, your user account must have the Manage Plugin Bundles permission enabled. See Permissions Mapping for more information.

  1. Log in to the Dynatrace Community and browse to the AppMon Product Downloads page.
  2. Scroll down to the Language Packs section and download the desired language pack to a convenient location on your system.
  3. Start the AppMon Client.
  4. Access the Plugins pane of the Server Settings dialog box. Click either Settings > Dynatrace Server > Plugins or Tools > Manage Plugins.
  5. Click Install Plugin and select the language pack file (.dtp extension) that you downloaded in step 2. AppMon installs the language pack, which is now available for users that log into this AppMon Server.
  6. If you have multiple AppMon Servers, perform steps 4 and 5 for the other servers.
  7. Click OK to close the server settings.

Language packs are system plugins and become a native part of your AppMon installation. Once a language pack is installed, it cannot be deleted.

Selecting a language

  1. Start the AppMon Client.
  2. Click Settings > Dynatrace Client > Settings.
  3. Click the Language list and select the desired language.
  4. Click OK.