Plugins configuration

Plugins are supplemental product libraries that extend AppMon with features and functions beyond the functionality in the installed product. To access the Plugins pane of the Server Settings dialog box, choose Settings > Dynatrace Server > Plugins or Tools > Manage Plugins if your Client is connected to at least one AppMon Server. See Plugin Architecture for more information about plugins.

Installed plugins tab

On this tab, you can view all of the installed plugins. There are several different types of plugins that are editable, as shown in the following table:

Plugin Type activatable/deactivate Editable in Plugin Development Environment
Action yes yes
Library no no
Metric Group no yes
Monitor yes yes
System no no
Task yes yes
Webstart no no

To install the default plugins, such as System plugins or downloaded Monitors, click the Install Plugin button. For plugins available in a separate folder instead of an installation file, click the Import Folder button, which is available for actions such as developing a new Task or Monitor.

To install a system plugin:

  1. Download a plugin installation file from the Dynatrace Community.
  2. Install the file using either of the following methods:
    • In the Plugins pane of the Server Settings dialog box.
    • Double-click the installation file (.dtp files on Windows only) to start the installation.
  3. Follow the instructions. You must restart Server or Collector. You can see pending restarts in the Start Center.

You can install and upgrade only if the plugin is a newer version.

Plugin development tab

On this tab, you can manage custom plugins that you develop, test, and deploy on your own AppMon system. See Manage and Develop User Plugins for more information.