Integrations configuration

AppMon 2018 April
AppMon 2018 October

This feature is only available in AppMon 2018 April and later.

Configuring AppMon / Dynatrace integrations

The Dynatrace Environments tab in the Integrations pane lets you manage the Dynatrace environments configured in AppMon for integration. Each environment listed indicates whether Data export or PurePath Drill-Down or both are enabled for this environment.

Configure environment specifics

Integration setup requires that you provide:

  • An environment name for the integration.
  • The URL of your Dynatrace environment to which you want to link PurePaths or data export. Whether using Dynatrace SaaS or Dynatrace Managed, the URL value includes the environment ID.
  • An API token. This is the token generated when you generate a Dynatrace API access token. To locate your AppMon module token go to https://<yourEnvironmentID>/#settings/integration/dynakeys. In Dynatrace, you can also click Settings > Integration > Dynatrace API, to find the desired API token from the list. Then click Edit to see the token, and click Copy in the Generated token field to copy the token. Switch to AppMon and paste the token into this field.

See Why do I need an access token and an environment ID? in Dynatrace help for more information.

Enable PurePath drilldown and linking between Dynatrace and AppMon

  1. Make sure the Enable PurePath DrillDown for Dynatrace check box is selected, then enter the external AppMon WebUI URL used by Dynatrace to connect the PurePaths.
  2. Optionally click Test Connection to verify the external AppMon WebUI URL can be reached from the Dynatrace cluster.
  3. Click OK to save changes.

Enable AppMon data export for Dynatrace

  1. Select the Enable Data Export for Dynatrace check box.
  2. Optionally select the Use Security Gateway check box if you use a security gateway if you can't connect to the cluster REST API directly. Then enter the Security Gateway URL. The URL you enter must be reachable from the AppMon server. The Security Gateway URL must look like this: https://<hostName>:<port>/e/<environmentName>. Default port is 9999.
  3. Optionally click Test Connection to verify the Security Gateway URL can be reached from the AppMon server.
  4. Click OK to save changes.