Infrastructure - Hosts

The Hosts tab lists all connected Agents, Collectors and AppMon Server hosts. Each entry represents a single host in the network.

Infrastructure - Hosts tab
Infrastructure - Hosts tab

A host belongs to exactly one detected or selected site, and exactly one hostgroup. You can manually select the site, but the hostgroup is assigned automatically, by matching the address to a defined pattern. See Hostgroup Priority for details on guaranteed pattern uniqueness. You can forcibly assign a host to the particular hostgroup.

A host can have any number of labels for flexible categorization, which you assign manually.

If no Agent is connected to the backend server process, the host is determined as unavailable.

Click Create to manually create a new host. Auto-detection typically creates all needed hosts. Create a host entry manually only in very special cases, such as:

  • When there is no Agent active on the host.
  • You have the ping plug-in installed and you want to define a host incident rule to get an alert when the host can't be pinged.

Double-clock a host in the lists, or select the host in the list and click Edit to change the settings for an existing host.

Specify the host properties in the Add Host or Edit Host dialog box.

Host properties — Host

The Host tab contains basic host properties:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Description
  • Site: Select the required site from the list.
  • Hostgroup: Displays the automatically assigned hostgroup.
  • Labels: Displays the list of assigned labels. To add a label, click Add and select label from the list.

Host properties — Thresholds

The Thresholds tab defines the criteria of host health. By default settings of the hostgroup are used. To set host-specific parameters, the Use Thresholds of the Selected Hostgroup check box, and specify parameters. See the descriptions in the Hostgroup properties - Thresholds Tab section below.

Host properties — Availability

The Availability tab defines the list of processes, monitored on this host. By default settings of the hostgroup are used. To specify host-specific list, clear the Use process patters of the selected Hostgroup check box. See the Hostgroup Dialog Box - Availability Tab section below.