Infrastructure - Exclusions

The Exclusions tab lists disks and mount points which are excluded or explicitly included for display at the Infrastructure monitoring dashboard.

Infrastructure - Exclusions tab
Infrastructure - Exclusions tab

AppMon comes with predefined, standard *NIX exclusions or inclusions that may fit your needs.

A disk, mount point or NIC is first matched against inclusions. If it matches, it is not excluded. If it does not match, it is matched against exclusions. If it matches, it is excluded. All outstanding non-matches are included.

Specify the exclusion properties in the Add Disk Exclusion or Edit Disk Exclusion dialog box.

Exclusion properties

  • Name: A unique descriptive name.
  • Handling: The exclusion/inclusion handling. Select one of the following:
    • Exclude: Disk is not visible in the Infrastructure monitoring.
    • Ignore: Disk is visible, but does not trigger any action at the defined threshold.
    • Include: Disk is visible in the Infrastructure monitoring, and can trigger an incident.
  • Mount Point: The metrics identifier, for example /tmp on *NIX or c:\ on Windows.
    Show *NIX mount points with cat /proc/mount.
    The asterisk wildcard is allowed, but only at the end. For example:
    • /h* means all mount points starting with /h.
    • /home/* works, but only if you have mount points in the home directory.
    • /home* catches the whole /home mount point.
    • /tmp* excludes /tmp/foo.
    • /tmp/* does not exclude /tmp.
  • Operating System: The host operating system.
  • File System: The host file system. You can add a new file system to the drop down list or group them by using the asterisk wildcard at the end. For example, ext* indicates all EXT versions.
  • Hostgroup, Label: These two can only be selected if the Handling setting is ignore.
  • System Profile: Filter the hosts further by the selected System Profile.

Configuring NIC exclusions

NIC exclusion settings are generally the same as disk settings. Only the name of the network interface is specific.