Defining custom locations in the world map

The geographic locations database maps countries and regions to IP addresses. You may want to adapt it due to a number of reasons.

  • IP addresses (that don't appear in the geographic locations database) directly with a city's location (as opposed to a country or region).
  • Office-internal IP addresses with specific office locations, such as, or

To create a custom location for the world map, follow the procedure below.

Edit the Business Transaction (BT), responsible for location detection.

  1. Open the System Profile Preferences dialog box, and Select Business Transactions item.
  2. In the Built-in transactions, find the Visits by User Experience and Count BT, and double-click it for editing. Click Yes in the confirmation message. Edit the BT
  3. In the Splitting Results pane, click + to add new spltting measure.
  4. Find the Country of Visit measure select it, and click Edit. You can hit Ctrl+F and type in the measure name to find it easily. Select measure
  5. From the Geographical granularity list, select Custom Regions.
  6. In the Regions enabled for list, click + and select the required countries.
  7. In the Cities enabled for list, click + and select the required countries, and number of most-populous cities to be defined. Configure measure
  8. Save all your changes.

AppMon is now set up to resolve the selected countries to the city level.

Now define an IP address for a particular city.

  1. Click Settings > Dynatrace Server > Geographical Locations.

  2. In the Geographical Locations - map IP address to locations pane, click + to create a new record.

  3. Specify the IP address, and select the country and regions where it belongs to. To show the city on the world map, select Use Geo Coordinates, and specify its geographic coordinates. Configure city


    You can copy coordinates from the Go to the defined point, right-click and select What's here?

  4. Add all the cities you need, and save all your changes.

Now, when a visit occurs from the specified IP address, the Visits dashlet displays the custom definition.