Defining custom locations in the world map

The geographic locations database maps countries and regions to IP addresses. You may want to adapt it due to a number of reasons.

  • IP addresses (that don't appear in the geographic locations database) directly with a city's location (as opposed to a country or region).
  • Office-internal IP addresses with specific office locations, such as, or

Do the following to define custom locations in the World Map.:

Edit the Business Transaction corresponding to the app's System Profile

Open the System Profile Preferences dialog box. Select Business Transactions vertical tab and expand Built-in transactions. Double-click the option Visits by User Experience and Count. Click Yes for the Do you really want to edit the Business Transaction? prompt.

AppMon is now set up to resolve the selected countries to the city level.

Specify the IP address for a custom city

The next step is to define an IP address for a given city. Select Settings > Dynatrace Server > Geographical Locations.

The Geographical Locations - Map IP addresses to locations table now summarizes the custom cities.

Viewing visits and the world map

When a visit occurs from the given IP address, the Visits dashlet displays the custom definition.

<System Profile> > Diagnose User Experience > World Map

The tooltip shows the visit has come from Wembley and the visit data point is at the geographic location.

Finding out the geographic location for a given point

You can use to go to the defined point (latitude and longitude) and right-click and select What's here.