Collector configuration file

You can specify communication settings between the Collector and the Server in the Collector configuration file, which is located at <DT_HOME>/Collector/conf/collector.config.xml. The most important settings are also available as startup parameters and override collector.config.xml:

dynaTrace Collector - Command Line Options

  dtcollector.exe [-service (install|uninstall)] [-instance <instance>]
                  [-listen <ip>[:port]] [-server <host>[:port]]

  -service (install|uninstall)     (Un)install Windows Service
                                   (uninstall might require you to logoff)
  -instance <instance>             Instance name
  -listen <ip>[:<port>]            Listen for Agents on <ip>/<port>
                                   (overrides config file)
  -server <host>[:<port>]          Use Server at <host>/<port>
                                   (overrides config file)

This table explains connection-related XML attributes, values and defaults for the Collector:

XML attribute Description Value type Default
serveraddress The server host to connect this collector to. string 'localhost'
serverport The server port to connect this collector to. integer 6699
useproxy Whether or not to connect through a proxy. boolean false
proxyhost The HTTP proxy host name to connect to. string
proxyport The HTTP proxy port to connect to. integer 8080
useproxyauthentication Whether or not to authenticate to the configured proxy. boolean false
proxyusername The username to authenticate with at the configured HTTP proxy. string
proxypassword The password to authenticate with at the configured HTTP proxy. string
usepreemtiveproxyauth Enables and disables preemptive proxy authentication. boolean true
compress Whether or not to compress traffic. boolean false
usetunnel Whether or not to use HTTP Tunneling. boolean false
tunnel Server tunnel address. Only change host name or port on demand. string 'http://localhost:8023/tunnel'