Server administration

The AppMon Server backend and frontend processes are administered using the Webstart Client or the standalone Client, installed with either the full package, or Client-only installer, or unzipped from the portable Client archive.

From either Client, you can access the AppMon Server Settings dialog box if you have an administrator role assigned to your user account. See User Permissions and Authentication for more information about roles.

Access the AppMon Server settings dialog box

  • In the Client, select Settings > AppMon Server.
  • AppMon 2017 May In the Cockpit sidebar, right-click System Profiles, and select Manage Server.
  • AppMon 2018 April and later Hover over the required Server in the resource selector, and click Edit.

Add or remove a Server

To add a new Server configuration, select Add Dynatrace Server in the lower left corner of the AppMon Server Settings dialog box.

To remove a Server connection, click the icon of the Server entry you want to delete.

Add and delete server options
Add and Delete Server Options

Server configuration

The Dynatrace Server Settings dialog box contains the following configuration panes:

  • Connectivity: Client/Server connection settings, such as user name and password.
  • License: View and import licenses.
  • Settings: View Server information and configure Server memory settings.
  • Services: General service configuration, such as Collector connection ports, REST or web service ports, and email server configuration.
  • Collectors: Collector overview and management.
  • Performance Warehouse: Performance Warehouse configuration.
  • Sensor Packs: View and import, rename, and reorder and prioritize Sensor Packs.
  • Users: User management for users, user groups, roles, and LDAP configuration.
  • Plugins: Plugin management for import, configuration, and development instructions.
  • Product Updates: Update management for installation, activation, deactivation, and removal instructions.
  • Storage: Server storage directory configuration and session storage quota definition.
  • Infrastructure: Infrastructure management for sites, hostgroups, and hosts.
  • Databases: Manage and configure the database agents to monitor your database instances.
  • Geographical Locations: Map IP address ranges to locations for User Experience Management.
  • MQ Tagging: WebSphere MQ queue manager configuration.
  • Realtime Streaming: Globally stream UEM data to an ElasticSearch instance, or send Business Transaction data in real time to external systems for further storage and analysis.
  • Certificate Management: Generate, import, and deploy private keys and certificates of the server or the private keys to a specific AppMon component.
  • Integration: Send monitoring data directly to Dynatrace for dashboard visualization or link PurePaths between AppMon and Dynatrace.
  • Subscribed Dashlet Filters: Pre-configure filters of your dashlets to reduce the load to the server.