Sensor properties

To access the Sensor properties dialog box, right-click your System Profile and select Edit System Profile > Agent group > Sensor configuration. Double-click the required sensor.


See ADO.NET sensor.


See ASP.NET sensor.

CICS Transaction Server

See CICS Transaction Server sensor.

EJB invocation

See EJB Invocation sensor.

Java exceptions

See Exceptions sensor.

Java Logging

See Java Logging sensor.

Java Web requests

See Java Web Request sensor.

Java web services

See Java web services sensor.


See JDBC sensor.

JMS Messaging

See JMS sensor.


See MongoDB sensor.


See MSMQ sensor.

.NET Exceptions

See .NET Exceptions sensor.

.NET Logging

See .NET Logging sensor.

.NET Web requests

See .NET Web Request sensor.

PHP Database

See PHP Database Sensor.

PHP Exceptions

See PHP Exceptions Sensor.

PHP General

See PHP General sensor.

PHP Logging

See PHP Logging sensor.


See Servlets sensor.

Tibco Messaging

See Tibco sensor.

User experience

See User Experience sensor.