Memory Sensor Rules

Use AppMon to monitor instantiations of specific classes and deserialization events of instances of specific classes. The classes that are included in Memory Monitoring are selected by Memory Sensor Rules.

Memory Sensor Rules define which classes and interfaces are included to memory monitoring by Java/.NET Sensors, and collect PurePath object allocation information and Selective Memory Dumps. They are basically the same as Class Rules, so the configuration is similar. See Class Rules for more information.

You can active or deactivate the Sensors associated to a Memory Sensor Rule at runtime by selecting the Activated check box of the Memory Rule. If you enable the Include Inherited Classes check box, memory monitoring Sensors are placed in classes that match the selection pattern of the rule and in all direct or indirect base classes of that class.

The Selective Memory dashlet displays the Memory Monitoring data of the selected classes. See Class Rules for more information.