How to start and stop AppMon services or daemons

Start and stop instructions

On all operating systems

Use <hostname>:8020 in a browser > Automate & Manage > RESTful Services ‐ for Servers, Collectors, Agents. For example, http://localhost:8020.

To stop the Server service on this machine, click Shutdown in http://localhost:8020/rest/html/management/server/prepareshutdown/. Replace localhost with the name of the remote Server to shut down.


In the AppMon installation directory, run:
dtserver.exe -service start or
dtserver.exe -service stop.

Alternatively, you can use:

sc start "dynaTrace Server 7.0" and
sc stop "dynaTrace Server 7.0"

The Dynatrace folder in the Windows start menu has shortcuts for all services installed and running locally.

In the Windows Services Control Panel, start / stop / restart / change Startup Type for dynaTrace <service> <version>.


cd /opt/dynatrace-<major.minorVersion>/init.d cd /opt/dynatrace-7.0/init.d and
./dynaTraceServer start as a daemon in the background or
./dynaTraceServer stop


The dynaTraceServer script on *NIX handles both the AppMon Server and the AppMon Frontend Server. However, on Windows they are separate services.

Check if an AppMon Service is running


In the Services Control Panel.


Use ps ax | grep dtserver (or dtcollectordtfrontendserver) to check if an AppMon component is running.