AppMon Session Storage Health dashboard

Storage requirements change periodically as your AppMon deployment gains or loses users and as user's AppMon activity changes. Use the Session Storage Health Dashboard to help assess whether session sizes are sufficiently configured, whether queue sizes require adjustments, and if any RTA or write issues with storage require investigation.

This dashboard includes the following:

  • MPS: The average and maximum number of measure nodes per second.
  • CPU / GC: Shows the percentage of CPU usage for processes in storage, and the average and maximum amount of suspension time caused by garbage collection.
  • Size of Realtime Path Analyzer Queue: The average and maximum size of the internal real time analysis queue.
  • Size of Path Storage Queue: The average and maximum size of the internal session storage queue.
  • Percentage of time spent writing Paths: The time writing sessions to disk as a percentage of total write time.
  • Unrecorded PurePaths: Total and average number of PurePaths per Interval over all agents that could not be written to the session storage from the in-memory live session.
  • Size of Visit Storage Queue: The average and maximum size of the internal session storage visit queue.
  • Time Spent Writing Visits: The average and maximum time amount of time (in milliseconds) spent writing visits to disk.
  • Size of Sessions: The size per interval of all sessions stored in the designated session directory.
  • Writing Shares: The percentage of total session write time between writing PurePaths, updates, time series (measurements), and incidents.