AppMon Performance Warehouse Overview - Write dashboard

This dashboard how effectively data is written to the Performance Warehouse. It shows writing times for measures, incidents, and percentiles, time spent moving data from temporary tables to the measurement table and truncating the temporary table. Performance Warehouse clean-up times also display on this dashboard.

Monitor this dashboard to assess whether high write times require tweaks to Performance Warehouse configuration settings, or if instabilities in measure write times could be caused by improperly configured business transactions.

Dynatrace Performance Warehouse - Write Health dashboard
Dynatrace Performance Warehouse - Write Health dashboard

This dashboard includes the following:

  • Percentage of time spent writing measures: The amount of time as a percentage spent to write Measures to the Performance Warehouseover the set time frame. A high percentage in this graph indicates a slow writing performance.
  • Time spent writing measurements: The absolute amount of time used to write Measures. Values that exceed one minute indicate slow writing performance. If writing is delayed for more than 10 minutes, data is skipped.
  • Number of measurements written: The number of Measures written over the set time frame. After an initial startup phase, this number should remain stable within the time frame. Increasing values can indicate additional connected Agents, or a misconfigured business transaction.
  • Time spent writing percentiles: The absolute amount of time required to write percentiles which it collects for a whole hour. It writes new percentiles in 15 minute intervals.
  • Time spent writing incidents: The time spent to write incidents over the set time frame. Spikes in this chart that do not correlate with respective spikes in the number of incidents written may indicate writing performance issues.
  • Time spent moving data: The amount of time it takes to move data from the temporary measurements table. Values in this chart should not exceed 15 minutes.
  • Number of incidents written: The number of incidents written to the Performance Warehouse, which is required to interpret the Time spent writing incidents chart.
  • Clean Up Task Performance: The clean up task aggregates data in the Performance Warehouse to the different resolutions and deletes data after the specified duration. Only perform this task when Server load is expected to be low. You may have to run the clean up task more often for high data volume and the resulting long run times. See Performance Warehouse Administration Storage Management for more information.