AppMon Frontend Server Health dashboard

The AppMon Frontend Server Health dashboard displays important performance and frontend Server activity indicators, such as CPU and memory usage, garbage collection activity, and frontend analyzer activity to the backend and client. This dashboard lets you quickly determine whether frontend capacity is sufficient.

This dashboard includes the following:

  • Frontend CPU Utilization: The amount of CPU usage as a percentage that the Frontend Server uses.
  • Frontend Communication: A summary of the frontend to backend traffic and the frontend to Client traffic in MB.
  • Frontend Memory Usage: The average and maximum memory in MB that the Frontend Server consumes.
  • Frontend Bytes Read by Analyzers: MB that the analyzers read from the Frontend Server.
  • Frontend Garbage Collection Time: The average and sum total of Frontend Server garbage collection time in milliseconds.
  • Frontend Garbage Collection Activations: The average and sum total of Frontend Server garbage collection activations.
  • Frontend Analyzer Activity: A summary of the Frontend Server activity.