Deployment Health dashboards

The Deployment Health dashboards are essential to tune, run, and optimize AppMon deployments. These dashboards help you answer the following questions:

  • Does my AppMon deployment perform within the defined parameters?
  • Is memory consumption as expected or should I increase it?
  • Is the load distribution optimal or should I add an additional Collector?
  • Is the load growing or should I add another Collector or Server?
  • How can I avoid skipped events, which result in the loss of transactional information on the Agent, Collector, or Server?
  • Are total and system profile-based storage requirements sufficient?

Access these dashboards from the Deployment Health section of the Start Center for the Production Edition and the Monitoring section for the Pre-Production Edition.

Working with Deployment Health dashboards

Where applicable, tiles on Deployment Health dashboards include heat fields, which indicate when incidents related to the chart data have occurred. Hover over a heat field to get details about the incident. See Heat Field and Incidents Overview dashlet for more information.

You can arrange any Deployment dashboard's tiles by clicking the tile title and dragging to the desired place on the dashboard, and customize time frames for individual times on any Deployment dashboard. These features let you tweak Deployment Health dashboards to convey the most pertinent and precise picture of your AppMon deployment. Share any Deployment dashboard to ensure all members of your deployment team share a common understanding of deployment state.

You can see the measurements and metrics used for any deployment dashboard tile, and even edit the measures to suit your needs. Simply click the Table Visibility button in the tile toolbar in either the standard dashboard view or the detail tile view and select Table or Chart and Table to see a combination view. Double-click any tile title to toggle between a detail view and the standard dashboard view.

The following pre-defined dashboards display health-related information about your AppMon deployment: