Command line tool

AppMon offers an easy to use command line interface for basic server operations. You can execute basic operations without an installed client. It's a simpler alternative to JMX Management. The command line tool operates using web services that you enable in the AppMon Server. See Set up Communication Connections for more information.

You must specify the host name and integrated web server port to connect to the AppMon Server. If they are not specified, AppMon uses localhost:8020, by default, or port 8021 for a SSL connection. For AppMon 6.3 and later, the default connection type is HTTPS. Use the nossl option to connect using HTTP. See General Options for more information.

For AppMon 7.0 and later, you can download the command line tool from the Command Line Tool for Dynatrace AppMon page.

Learn how to use the command line tool.