Create and Configure measures

Use the Measure Configuration dialog box to define specific calculation attributes, thresholds, and other details for a new measure.

Select the metric to be used for the measure in the left pane. The right pane of the Measure Configuration dialog box displays information for the selected metric that you can configure.

Configuration tab

Measure Name/Metric: Displays the measure name and the metric used for the measure. Expand the section and Change the measure name and add or edit a description as needed.

(Metric) Measure Specific Attributes: Configure Measure Specific Attributes as needed. These settings change based on the measure being configured. This section is disabled if the metric has no measure-specific attributes.


  1. Edit thresholds in the Thresholds section.

Details tab

Display defaults

In the Display Defaults section, select a color used for the measure in dashlets. #### Measure splitting

Restrict measure calculation