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This page contains the latest information about product updates, planned maintenance, incidents and enhancements to the Dynatrace AppMon SaaS platform.

30th May 2017 - AppMon 2017 May release

Please find details in [AppMon 2017 May Release Notes](/id_release_notes). AppMon SaaS Team will be notifying customers about planned updates to 2017 May. More details to the upgrade process can be found here: Upgrade to AppMon 2017 May. It is now possible to change DNS name of the environment. New address will be created. Server will be accessible from both addresses. Legacy domain compuwareapmaas.com has been discontinued. Environments which had assign old domain use only new one.

26th April 2017 - Legacy domain compuwareapmaas.com is deleted

We recognized that there are still configurations around to connect to .compuwareapmaas.com which are not working anymore since April 24th around 10 AM UTC. This is caused by the deleted domains. If you find some configuration in the collector, change the server connection to .dynatracesaas.com in the collector.config.xml in <DT_HOME>/collector/config. For client connections go to the client settings -> connection

7th December 2016 - End of Life AppMon 6.2

As communicated in AppMon 6.2 Release Notes, AppMon 6.2 will be end of life by December 31, 2016. Customers still running 6.2 on their AppMon SaaS instance should contact support to define the maintenance window for the upgrade. More details to the upgrade process can be found here: Upgrade to AppMon 6.5.

12th-16 September 2016 - Planned maintenance, environment upgrade on specific instances

We have planned a maintenance to increase specific environments (memory, CPU, ...) to more powerful instances to match the Dynatrace AppMon Server sizing.

Customers impacted by this maintenance will be been notified per e-mail. Estimated downtime for the maintenance: 30 min.

6th September 2016 - Planned maintenance to roll-out improved monitoring on specific instances

For the last couple of month, we have been deploying an improved monitoring solution based on AppMon Host Monitoring. On September 6th, a planned maintenance will take place to finalize this roll-out. No changes will be done to the customers' AppMon installation.

Customers impacted by this maintenance have been notified per e-mail. Estimated downtime for the maintenance: 15 min.

22th August 2016 - 24th August 2016 - Email Notification might land in SPAM Folder

We are starting to see an increase of email notifications sent by the Orchestration Platform (license expiration, credentials for new instances, ...) landing in the Dynatrace company SPAM folder. We are working on this problem; in the mid-time make sure to check your SPAM folder regularly.

Update 25th August 2016: the issue has been resolved.

12th July 2016-13th July 2016 - DNS issues with compuwareapmaas.com domain

Investigations in progress, in the mid-time, we recommend to use the dynatracesaas.com domain instead (e.g. <customername>.dynatracesaas.com ). An emergency maintenance will be done on instances not yet having the dynatracesaas.com domain configured to be able to use that additional domain. Estimated downtime for that maintenance is 15 minutes.

In case of disturbance or questions, please enter a support ticket.

Internal JLT-155830.

Update 13th July 2016: the issue has been resolved, all instances using compuwareapmaas.com can be accessed again - through compuwareapmaas.com and dynatracesaas.com domain. Please note that the compuwareapmaas.com domain will be discontinued by the end of year 2016 and that we recommend to all customers to move as soon as possible to dynatracesaas.com domain.

6th June 2016 - Amazon Web Services outage in Sydney region

Amazon Web Services' Sydney service suffered connectivity issues over the weekend (4th till 6th of June), affecting the availability of several of the Dynatrace AppMon instances hosted in the Sydney region. All AppMon SaaS instances are now fully operational.

More information on the AWS outage: http://www.zdnet.com/article/amazon-web-services-sydney-suffers-outage/

25th May 2016 - Amazon RDS system update for Oracle Database (Performance Warehouse)

RDS system updates are planed from Amazon (several performance improvements and security fixes are contained in this update). The updates will be done during the maintenance window defined per region. The update of the database won't have any effect on the availability of the AppMon Server but could lead to ~ 10 minutes disconnection from the performance warehouse. Please open a support ticket if you notice any issue.

Updates will be complete till 10th of June 2016.

29th February 2016 - Upgrade to AppMon 6.3

Dynatrace AppMon 6.3 (Dynatrace 6.3 Release Notes) has been released on the 29th of February 2016. The SaaS environments will be updated in two phases:

  • **Phase 1: Upgrade to 6.3 on demand via support ticket (29th of February - 8th of April 2016)
    • Customers can request the upgrade of their SaaS instance by opening a support ticket and by indicating their desired maintenance window.
  • **Phase 2: Upgrade of ALL the SaaS instances (11th of April - 13th of Mai 2016)
    • Remaining customers will be contacted per e-mail one week before the planed upgrade of their SaaS instance. The maintenance window for their instance will be assigned by the SaaS team and communicated per e-mail.

More information:

With the Upgrade to 6.3, we will replace compuwareapmaas.com domain by dynatracesaas.com. If your SaaS instance is still using compuwareapmaas.com make sure to use the dynatracesaas.com domain when connecting your 6.3 collectors to the upgraded 6.3 AppMon server. If you are using manual injection, make sure to update your website to use dynatracesaas.com for the UEM JavaScript agent.

26th of October 2015 - SaaSAdmin account

In the past, we automatically configured three accounts on the AppMon Server when creating the environment. We have recently changed, for new environments you will receive credentials for only one user: SaaSAdmin. Using the SaaSAdmin, you will be able to create all the needed users. Just remember to change the password of the SaaSAdmin after you first log-in. See also our Quick Start Guide (User Management).

10th of July 2015 - Update to Dynatrace AppMon 6.2 and Port Changes

Dynatrace AppMon 6.2 is now available on the SaaS platform for new instances. We are starting the migration process for existing customer instances (first region: Europe). Our team will contact you to define the migration steps and agree on a maintenance window. If you cannot wait to get AppMon 6.2, feel free to open a support ticket and request the update of your instance.

Default ports & URL:

  • Dynatrace AppMon Server: https://<account-name>.dynatracesaas.com:8021
  • Dynatrace AppMon Web: https://<account-name>.dynatracesaas.com[](http://dynatracesaas.com)
  • Dynatrace AppMon Webstart Client: https://<account-name>.dynatracesaas.com:8021/webstart/Client/client.jnlp

Some instances still use compuwareapmaas.com instead of dynatracesaas.com. Please refer your welcome email to find out which domain is used for your instance.

Previous releases

For information about previous releases, see Release Notes and Previous Releases.