UEM only deployment

Key characteristics

  • No agent needed
  • No collector needed
  • Full UEM functionality
  • Dynatrace Server managed by the Dynatrace SaaS team for updates & maintenace



JavaScript Agent support update

The JavaScript bootstrap agent introduced in Dynatrace 6.2 is not supported in AppMon SaaS. In case the SaaS instance is down because of a maintenance or upgrade task, loading the JS file will result in a time-out on the customer site. We are working on a solution and will update the documentation as soon as it is available but in the meantime, please make sure to download the JavaScript agent and host it on the customer website.

Download the JavaScript Agent

  1. In your browser, navigate to the UEM Test Page  (e.g: http://<account-name>.dynatracesaas.com).
  2. Extract the dtagent script tag from the source of this page. Then include it in the header of your page before any other script. Make sure you specify the correct path to the location on your server.
  3. Download the agent JavaScript file and add it to your scripts on your website.

Configure UEM in AppMon Client

  1. Open the AppMon Webstart Client (see Access your Instance).
  2. Open the System Profile Preferences for the default profile UEMaaS
  3. Click on User ExperienceDefault ApplicationJavaScript Agent
  4. Configure the settings as follows:
    • Monitor request path (e.g: http://<account-name>.dynatracesaas.com/dynaTraceMonitor) See below for more details.
    • Enable the option Send the dynaTrace monitor request to a foreign domain.
  5. Navigate to your website and verify the result in the Dynatrace Client.

Ports & URLs


Some instances still use compuwareapmaas.com instead of dynatracesaas.com. Please refer your welcome email to find out which domain is used by your instance.


  • Webstart Client:
    • 2020 (HTTP), 2021 (HTTPS)
    • URL https://<account-name>.dynatracesaas.com:8021/webstart/Client/client.jnlp
  • AppMon Server:
    • 8020 (HTTP), 8021 (HTTPS)
    • URL: https://<account-name>.dynatracesaas.com:8021/
  • AppMon Web:
    • 443 (HTTPS)
    • URL: https://<account-name>.dynatracesaas.com

Apache Web Server

  • UEM Monitor request path
    • 80 (HTTP). 443 (HTTPS)
    • URL: http://<account-name>.dynatracesaas.com/dynaTraceMonitor, https://<account-name>.dynatracesaas.com/dynaTraceMonitor
  • UEM Test Page:
    • 80 (HTTP)
    • URL: http://<account-name>.dynatracesaas.com

See also

For more information, refer to the following product documentation: