UEM & agents deployment

Key characteristics

  • Automatic JavaScript tag injection
  • Full UEM functionality
  • Full server-side visibility
  • Host and process monitoring
  • Dynatrace Server managed by the Dynatrace SaaS team for updates & maintenance


Deployment steps


In this deployment scenario, a Collector that is installed and managed in the customer data center is mandatory as compression can incur a significant impact on the number of PurePaths and other data that can be sent to the AppMon Server.

  • Download the Agent and Collector installation files from the AppMon product download page
  • Prepare your environment by copying the Agent and Collector installation files to the target machines
  • Prepare your internal environment by adjusting proxies and firewall configurations
  • Install the Collector(s), See Set up Collectors for installation instructions.
  • Install the Agents. See Set up Agents for installation instructions.

If you want to learn more about the AppMon system components and configuration, refer to the AppMon product documentation.

Ports & URLs


Some instances still use compuwareapmaas.com instead of dynatracesaas.com. Please refer your welcome email to find out which domain is used by your instance. Also compuwareapmaas.com will be discontinued in the future. More information here: Upgrade Process.

  • Webstart Client:
    • 2020 (HTTP), 2021 (HTTPS)
    • URL: https://<account-name>.dynatracesaas.com:8021/webstart/Client/client.jnlp
  • AppMon Server:
    • 8020 (HTTP), 8021 (HTTPS)
    • URL: https://<account-name>.dynatracesaas.com:8021/
    • 6699 (HTTPS): Collector connections
  • AppMon Web:
    • 443 (HTTPS)
    • URL: https://<account-name>.dynatracesaas.com

See also

For more information, please refer to the following product documentation: