Quick start

This topic describes how to acquire and start using a Dynatrace App Mon & UEM SaaS instance.

Getting an AppMon SaaS Instance

Contact your sales representative to request a Dynatrace App Mon & UEM SaaS instance. Once the instance has been created, you will receive a welcome email from our operations team containing the URL and credentials for your hosted AppMon SaaS server instance.

Access your AppMon SaaS Instance

The URL includes the account name from the welcome email:

  • AppMon Server: https://<account-name>.dynatracesaas.com:8021
  • AppMon Web: https://<account-name>.dynatracesaas.com
  • AppMon Webstart Client: https://<account-name>.dynatracesaas.com:8021/webstart/Client/client.jnlp

Some instances still use compuwareapmaas.com instead of dynatracesaas.com. Please refer your welcome email to find out which domain is used for your instance.

User management

A SaaSAdmin user is created automatically for you on the Dynatrace Server. The password for this account is located in the welcome e-mail after the creation of the environment.

This SaaSAdmin account should be used to create all the accounts you need on the Dynatrace Server. Make sure to change the password of the SaaSAdmin account after your first log-in. To learn how to create users and how to manage permissions, refer to the product documentation: User Permissions and Authentication.

Deployment scenarios

The AppMon SaaS platform supports two deployment scenarios: UEM Only (with manual injection of the JavaScript agent tag) and UEM + Agents.

Here are the main differences between the two options:

UEM Only UEM + Agents
JavaScript Tag Injection JavaScript agent tag inserted manually into HTML. Existing tag injector environments could be used (e.g. F5 load balancer iRules) JavaScript tag injected on web server by (Apache, IIS, NGINX, Java) agent
UEM Beacon JavaScript Agent will send CORS beacon to the web server agent in the Cloud JavaScript Agent will send the beacon back to the originating web server
Dynatrace Web Server Agents and Collector On-premises Not needed - available in the Cloud At least a web server agent and a collector must be installed on-premises. Collectors compress the data - which keeps the bandwidth requirement low.
Architecture UEM Only Deployment UEM & Agents Deployment


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