Upgrade process


With the Upgrade to 6.3, we will replace compuwareapmaas.com domain by dynatracesaas.com . If your SaaS instance is still using compuwareapmaas.com make sure to use the dynatracesaas.com domain when connecting your 6.3 collectors to the upgraded 6.3 Dynatrace server. If you are using manual injection, make sure to update your website to use dynatracesaas.com for the UEM JavaScript agent.

While the update to the server is performed by Dynatrace if you have any collectors and agents connected on your own infrastructure then these will need to be updated manually by the customer. The division of responsibilities will be as such:


  • Check Environment Health before update
  • Update Dynatrace Server and Performance Warehouse to newest version (including installation of any available updates)
  • After the update has been successful, deploy new certificates to the Cloud server and collectors


  • Update clients located on customer infrastructure
  • Update collectors located on customer infrastructure
  • Organize restarts of agents and make a final check

Detailed information about the upgrade can be found in the product documentation: Upgrade and Migration Guide.

Dynatrace: Check Environment Health

Before starting the upgrade process, Dynatrace will make a quick assessment on the health of your deployment (including automatic analysis of the support archive).

Dynatrace: update Dynatrace Server to 6.3

  • A manual back-up of the SaaS instance will be triggered
  • The Dynatrace Cloud instance will be upgraded to 6.3 (see Updates & Configuration for more details on the process)
  • The Performance Warehouse will be migrated to 6.3
  • The whole process will take ~ 30 min, during which time the SaaS instance will be offline

The customer will be notified before starting the upgrade and also after the upgrade. In case of issues, the environment can be restored to the previous version within 30 minutes.

Customer: update Dynatrace Client to 6.3

Any clients that you have installed on your own infrastructure will need to be updated to 6.3 manually. These can be pre-installed in parallel with the 6.2 version. Alternatively you can use the webstart client available on your SaaS server at https://<customer>.dynatracesaas.com:8021/.

Customer: update Dynatrace Collectors to 6.3

Any collectors that you have installed on your own infrastructure will need to be updated to 6.3 manually. These can be pre-installed in parallel with the 6.2 version as long as they are not switched on before the update of the Server to 6.3.

Once you have received confirmation that your Dynatrace SaaS instance has been upgraded to 6.3, you will need to perform the following steps:

  1. Stop the current collectors
    • You are required to stop your current collectors in order to migrate your current collector settings to the new collectors.
      Additional Information: Starting and Stopping Collectors.
  2. File Migration
    • Use the migration tool to migrate your on premise collectors.
    • For a full explanation on how to use the migration tool please view the following page: Migration Tool Details
      java -jar dynatrace-migration.jar -migration –sourceDTHome "C:\Program Files\dynaTrace\dynaTrace 6.1"  -targetDTHome "C:\Program Files\dynaTrace\dynaTrace 6.2" -migrateInstances defaultCollector
  3. Start the new collectors
    • Once the new collectors have been brought back up, the agents will reconnect automatically and continue sending data to them.
      Additional Information: Starting and Stopping Collectors.

Customer: restart agents

Once your agents are connected to the new collectors, organize to have them restarted, this will allow them to bootstrap to the latest version. For further information, including instructions for agents that require manual updating, please refer to the following documentation: Agent Upgrades.

Confirm the operation of the new Dynatrace Server & apply the customization not covered by automation: Final Migration Checks.

Dynatrace: deploy certificates

Once the upgrade to 6.3 has been successfully deployed, the Dynatrace SaaS team will deploy the updated certificates for SSL communication (collector-server) and HTTPS (Dynatrace Web). The certificates will be automatically deployed to the customer Collectors using the new Certificate Wizard available in 6.3 (Deploy Certificate). A re-start of the Collectors will be triggered to update the certificates on the Collectors.